Transition (14-21)


...... Solving the Transition Puzzle: One Piece at a Time

Students graduating from high school often face a future that has more questions than answers. For students with disabilities, the future can be even more uncertain. Transition planning helps students with disabilities, and their families, prepare for the transition into adult life after graduation from high school.
Transition services and supports can be provided by a variety of sources including schools, families, community members and agency providers. The transition process consists of setting goals, developing a plan to meet those goals and determining transition services that are needed to ensure that the student is prepared for life after high school.

Transition is designed to accomplish the following:

  •     Design the high school experience to ensure that the student gains skills needed to achieve his or her goals for life after high school.
  •     Identify and link the student and family to needed services.
  •     Work with the student and his or her family to think about goals for life after high school.

The ESU 9 Transition Program is designed to help students with disabilities bridge the gap between school experiences and adult life, and assist students to function as productively and independently as possible within an integrated adult environment.