Continuous Improvement

A Message from the Chief Administrator

Educational Service Units are required to be accredited every five years. Educational Service Unit 9 started its most recent cycle in 2019 and will host a Frameworks accreditation visit in March of 2024. In the past five years we have worked with staff and stakeholders to create a new shared mission and vision to ensure internal and external growth for the organization and have a positive impact on the districts, staff members, and students we serve. More important than simply creating these statements, I believe our staff has tried to “live” these statements. We will post the findings from our upcoming visit on this page in the spring of 2024.

The Mission of ESU 9 is:

Educate, Empower, and Support


The Vision of ESU 9 is:

Serving our school communities by providing excellence, inspiration, and innovation.


The Goal of ESU 9 in this cycle is:

Establish and maintain effective systems to demonstrate credibility and build relationships with school communities and staff.