18+ Program Services

18+ Program Staff

About the Program

The 18+ Program is designed to assist students in the transition to adulthood. Domestic, community, recreation, leisure and vocational skills are emphasized. This program provides opportunities for the students to experience various career/work possibilities, which are appropriate for each student’s unique needs. Students also participate in community activities that help promote independence and acquire skills necessary to be as independent as possible after leaving school.

18+ Services for your School

Student who needs services = VR/DD, Job Exploration, Business partnerships, parent involvement = gain useful skills and work in community

The 18+ Program Focuses On:

Domestic Skills:

Personal safety, housekeeping, nutrition, meal planning, food preparation, personal hygiene, phone skills, peer relationships.

Community Skills:

Community safety, socially acceptable behavior, banking, shopping, practical math skills, making medical/dental appointments.

Recreation & Leisure:

Current events/newspapers, personal planning, personal fitness, social skills role-play, field trips.

Vocational Skills:

Pre-Vocational training, mock job interviews, job applications, time sheets, Job site training, interest survey, employer/employee support

Who is eligible to attend the 18+ Program?


Students, 18-22 years of age that are on an active IEP (Individualized Education Program) are eligible for the 18+ Program. The IEP team will determine if the Transition Program is an appropriate placement in the Least Restrictive Environment.

Tier 3 Intensive Intervention; Tier 2 Intervention; Tier 1 Core Instruction

The 18+ program assists with Tier 3 in the NeMTSS system.