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ESU #9 Bad Weather Policy

It is the employees' responsibility to determine if their work assignment is open during bad weather.

If the ESU #9 main office is closed or delayed due to weather, the notice will be called into KHAS radio, KHAS TV, NTV and KOLN TV, and may be posted on the ESU #9 website (www.esu9.org), on the KOLN/KGIN website (www.kolnkgin.com/closings), and/or on the KRNY website (www.krny.com) website.

If your work assignment is not the ESU #9 main office, you will need to follow the standard procedures for your work assignment to find out whether they are opened or closed.

If during bad weather your work assignment is closed, you do not have to report to work and it will not count as an absence.

If during bad weather your work assignment is open, under ESU #9 policy you are obligated to report to work. However, we do not want you to drive to work if the roads are hazardous. It is your decision whether or not to report for work.

If your work assignment is open and you do not report to work, you should call the main office to report your absence just like you would for any other absence. As per policy, we can only pay you for hours actually worked. You may use earned and available personal leave, compensation or vacation time (office employees only) for the hours not worked; other wise you will not be paid for the absence.

If you have questions regarding this policy, contact your supervisor or Jenise Straight.

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